Appliance Repair Santa Monica

Dryer Repair

The professionals at our local business in Santa Monica are experts in washer and dryer repair services. Whenever you need assistance fixing dryer problems, we can help. If you don’t know what’s wrong with your dryer, let our specialists find out for you. Our team has been servicing home dryers of all types for years and can make the right diagnoses. Our work also includes routine services and inspection, the removal of damaged components and the installation of new ones, emergency repairs and dryer installation.Dryer Repair Santa Monica

Our experts provide dryer installation and maintenance

Depend on our Santa Monica dryer repair team every time you want related services. We take care of all your needs. Aware of the safety standards in California for the proper operation of home dryers, our professionals can install your new laundry room appliance right. Aiming at full customer satisfaction and dedicated to helping clients enjoy a functional dryer without paying more for energy or risking their safety, we also offer maintenance. When these appliances are used more than three times a week, they should be serviced once every six months. With our dryer service, we keep your appliance in good condition and save you from serious problems and risks.

Urgent dryer repair needs are covered in timely fashion

Rely on our experts when you need same day assistance. Our dryer repair specialists can help you within a short time if you are faced with sudden or urgent problems. The minute you notice high moisture in the laundry room or sense that the dryer doesn’t complete the cycle on time, dial our number. Whether the dryer fails to work properly, is too hot or doesn’t run at all, our technicians will detect the issue and have it repaired. Damaged motors, belts, switches and other parts are replaced, the appliance is checked thoroughly and the problem is fixed. We are aware of the dangers related to malfunctioning dryers and have great experience in their services. Our team tries to help all customers at the quickest time. Count on the professionalism of our Easy Appliance Repair in Santa Monica, CA.

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